Voltage indicator for electric fencing

Electric fence equipment – accessories

There are three main types of electric fence tester.

  • Proximity testers detect energy from a short distance and emit a sound or display an LED to show the presence of power. These are useful in offering a quick indication that a fence is on, but are inadequate for fault finding or actual voltage readings.
  • Testers fitted with ground probes to connect earth and fence – much as an animal does when shocked can indicate the amount of voltage present on the fence and can be used to find faults. This type of tester can be used to test the fence, the energiser itself and the earth, allowing the user to single out the element causing the problem.
  • The third type of electric fence tester is self earthing units. Self earthing units use the body to make the earth connection allowing quick and accurate readings. Application of these units range from simple digital Kv readings, to providing a direction indication for the fault on the fence line.

Through our network of suppliers we are able to offer a variety of electric fencing equipment. Please find below some of the items that we can supply, for more details please contact us on 01270 619147 or email us at mail@suddenstrike.co.uk.

kv tester for electric fencing

Kv tester

Bright LEDs indicate voltage up to 10Kv. Self earthing.



Audible power indicator.

6-lite tester

6-lite tester

Indicates voltage levels on your fence via six neon lights.

Digital Volt Meter

Digital volt meter

Self earthing digital Kv tester.

Fault finder

Fault finder

Digital directional fault finder. It works on the principle that current flows through the path of least resistance. If there is a short on the fence, larger flows of current (amps) are detected and displayed.

Indicator Lamp

Indicator lamp

Flashes with each pulse of the fence.

Voltage indicator

Voltage indicator

Flashes to indicate the fence is operating at an effective level. Stops flashing when voltage drops below 3Kv.