Electric Fence Accessories

Electric fence equipment – accessories

Through our network of suppliers we are able to supply a variety of electric fencing equipment. Please find below a range of some items that we can supply, for more details please contact us on 01270 619147 or email us at mail@suddenstrike.co.uk


Ground stakes

Ground Stake Electric Fencing Cheshire9mm diameter ground stake with wing nut and bolt connection. Available in 0.5 metre and 1 metre lengths.

T section ground stakes

T Section Ground Stake Electric Fencing CheshireHeavy duty T section ground stake with bolt connection. Available in 1 and 1.5metre lengths.

Lightning arrester

Lightning Arrestor Electric Fencing CheshireDiverter switch for lightning protection. Channels lightning to ground to minimise damage to the energiser.

Warning sign

Electric Fencing Warning Sign CheshireRigid plastic warning signs.

Crocodile clips

Electric Fencing Crocodile Clips CheshirePlastic crocodile clips with stainless steel jaws.

Replacement leads

Electric Fencing Replacement Leads CheshireReplacement earth and live lead set.

In-line tensioner

Electric Fencing In-line Tensioner CheshireIn-line tensioner for poly wire and tape up to 10mm.

Ratchet tensioner

Electric Fencing Ratchet Tensioner CheshireHeavy duty ratchet tensioner for galvanised wire.

Aluminium tensioner

Electric Fencing Aluminium Tensioner CheshireIn-line tensioner for galvanised wire and rope.

Tensioning bar

Electric Fencing Tensioning Bar CheshireTensioning tool for aluminium in-line tensioner.

Bolt joiner

Electric Fencing Bolt Joiner CheshireHeavy duty joiner for galvanised wire.

Rope joiner

Electric Fencing Rope Joiner CheshireConnector for rope up to 6mm diameter.

Rope and wire connector pro

TRope and Wire Connector Cheshire Electric Fencingwin bolt stainless steel connector for rope and wire.

Connecting buckle

Electric Fencing Connecting Buckle CheshireTape connection buckles. Essential for joining tape without power loss.

Tape to tape connector

Electric Fence Tape to Tape Connector CheshireConnector for connecting two lines of tape. Suitable for tape up to 40mm.

Line to line connector

Electric Fencing Line to Line Connector CheshireMulti-line connectors for rope and wire. Connects up to three lines.


We also install electric fencing to suit the needs of the customer. Whether it is electric fencing for cattle in Nantwich, poultry in Winsford, pigs in Crewe, or to keep predators like foxes, badgers and otters out throughout Cheshire, contact Suddenstrike Fencing. We have electric fencing solutions to suit your needs.

Call us on 01270 619147 for a free quote on any of our fencing installations.