Natural screening/ windbreaks

Natural screening and windbreaks

Natural screening and windbreaks can provide an alternative to fencing or added privacy. We offer a variety of screens and windbreaks from the planting of hedges to the installation of wattle hurdles or mesh screens.

Hazel and Willow hurdles

Wattle HurdlesMade from coppiced woodland, wattle hurdles are manufactured from either hazel or willow which is woven between supporting stakes to create a solid panel.

Hedgerow plantation

HedgeWhether you’re looking for a single plant or mixed plantation, we can supply and plant a hedge to your requirements.

Mesh screening/windbreaks

Mesh ScreeningAvailable in various different forms, UPVC mesh screens or windbreaks are a popular cladding windbreak and ideal for customers looking for a practical solution i.e. for landscaping, horticultural and agricultural applications.

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