Clipex Fencing Systems

Clipex Fencing between mud and grass fields

Clipex fencing for Cheshire and surrounding counties

Suddenstrike Fencing is an approved installer of Clipex fencing systems.

Suddenstrike supplies and installs all types of fencing for cattle, Clipex is a new and innovative fencing solution providing a long lasting alternative to timber posts.

Clipex Fencing LogoClipex posts are manufactured from a minimum 450-grade high tensile steel with a zinc coating, offering an expected life span of in excess of 30 years with a guarantee of 30!
Clipex offers real savings compared to traditional fencing from labour, reinstatment, maintenance and disposal in the lifetime of the fence. Just taking in to consideration labour costs, you will be making significant savings –

1.On the speed of installation.

2.No need for heavy machinery or operators.

3.No need to re-instate 15 years later or sooner.

Uses of Clipex fencing include:

Other uses include –

  • Electric Fencing
  • Rabbit Fencing
  • Pig and Wild Boar Fencing
  • Poultry Fencing
  • Chain link security fencing
  • Pheasant pen fencing

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